General FAQ’s

  • Who Does Lynwood Charlton Center Work With?

    Lynwood Charlton Centre offers a wide array of services to children and youth in the Hamilton area who have mental health concerns. These can include both emotional and behavioural challenges. When these problems start to interfere with school and family life, it may be time to seek our help.
  • How Do I Access Help From LCC?

    Lynwood Charlton Centre programs are accessed through referrals from Contact Hamilton or the Children’s Aid Society/Catholic Children’s Aid Society. School-based services are accessed through referrals from your child’s school board.
  • What Kind of Information Will I Be Asked to Provide?

    When contacted by Lynwood Charlton Centre, you will discuss your concerns and the needs for which you are seeking support. At intake, your LCC worker will complete an assessment with you to help best understand how we can help you. The assessment includes information on demographics, health and other background information.
  • What Types of Mental Health Professionals Work at LCC?

    Lynwood Charlton Centre is staffed by a nurse practitioner, social workers, occupational therapists, and child and youth workers.
  • How Long Will I Have to Wait?

    The wait times vary depending on the service you need. Shorter-term services are generally faster to access. More intensive services typically have longer waiting times.
  • How Long are The Programs?

    Length of service varies depending on what is being sought. Your LCC worker will discuss this with you at intake.
  • How Will My Privacy Be Protected?

    Your involvement at Lynwood Charlton Centre is private and confidential.
    Your information will only be shared among staff and placement students who need to know in order to help with your situation. Private and confidential information is shared only with consent of the parent/ guardian or youth.
    Exceptions are made in the case of suspected child abuse where reporting is mandatory, where the law requires disclosure through a court order, or when the client or another person is at serious risk of harm.
  • Are There Fees for Any of the Services?

    There are no fees for services at Lynwood Charlton Centre. Our child and youth mental health services are funded by the Ontario Ministry of Child and Youth Services and Ministry of Health.

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