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Lynwood Charlton Centre

526 Upper Paradise Road
Hamilton, ON
L9C 5E3

Contact Methods

Phone: (905) 389-1361
Upper Paradise Fax: 905-389-8765

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Lisa Whittaker
Executive Director

905-389-1361 ext 223

Vicki Downie
Director of Program Operations

905-389-1361 ext 232

Lynn Vanderbrug
Senior Manager of Community Based Services

905-389-1361 ext 235

Nicole Karki
Clinical Director and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

905-389-1361 ext 242

Maggie Inrig
Director of System Planning

905-389-1361 ext 282

Lindsay Horvath
Manager of Community Based Programs

905-389-1361 ext 234

Shari Burke
Manager of Lynwood Hall Program

905-389-1361 ext 227

Ken Brill
Manager of Flamborough Program

905-627-8475 ext. 526

Colette Corman
Manager of Forest Program

905-527-3396 ext 424

Sheri Terry
Manager of Charlton Hall Program

905-529-7262 ext 219

Catherine Ahern
Manager of Quality Improvement
and Evaluation

Tarah Middleton
Manager of Human Resources