Community Groups

  • Lone Moms / Kids Recreation Program: includes Moms and Kids Group, Moms Group and Recreation Group.
  • Temper Tamers Group: Serves children ages 7 to 12 with disruptive behaviour and their families.
  • No referrals are required. Acceptance is based on space availability.
  • For more information, contact our Administrative Centre at 905-389-1361

Temper Tamers

The Temper Tamers program helps children with disruptive behaviours and their families. It was developed for children ages 7 to 12.

The program is aimed at children and their caregivers, and works to help them understand the triggers, feelings, and thoughts associated with temper and aggressive behaviours, and to learn alternative strategies to deal with these feelings.

Temper Tamers is designed to incorporate caregivers in the learning process. Caregivers must attend two psycho-educational workshops prior to the child participating in the group. The focus of the workshops is to help caregivers understand their child’s behaviour and to develop alternative strategies to help their children avoid temper times, or to anticipate temper times so that they can respond effectively.

The group portion of the program includes both children and caregivers, and uses cognitive-behaviour strategies. These strategies have been shown to be helpful for aggressive behaviours in both clinic-based and community-based programs.

Lone Moms / Kids’ Recreation Program


Moms & Kids Group

Parents and children participate in guided sessions to learn new skills and increase their capacity to interact appropriately.


Moms Group

The purpose of this portion of the program is to provide mothers with a support group to help with parenting skills and developing positive feelings about their experiences as a single parent.


Recreation Group Program

Children participate in a small group recreation program. This program is facilitated by Child & Youth Workers, who act as Mentors to the child(ren).