Our Approach 

Lynwood Charlton Centre (LCC) promotes and participates in activities that lead to improvements in the capacity of children, youth and families to adapt to and positively influence their environment.

We work to strengthen the ability of children and youth to better function in their homes, schools and communities by exploring the challenges that have interfered with their success.

LCC is also committed to responding to the different cultural and diversity needs of children, youth and families engaged in our services.

Family Involvement

We view family involvement as central to the treatment process and encourage families to participate as active members of the treatment team.

When admitted to a service, program staff will meet with the child/youth and their family to determine preliminary goals and direction for treatment.  Throughout the course of involvement, parents/guardians will take part in decisions through regular contact with program staff, both at formal meetings including home visits, family meetings and case conferences, and informally through telephone calls.

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