Our Approach

We use the best available treatment approaches, proven through research and practice. Lynwood Charlton believes clients should receive the best treatments and services to meet their needs.

A variety of evidence-informed practices are used, depending on your needs and the specific program.

At Lynwood Charlton Centre, we use a multidisciplinary approach to our service delivery. Our staff includes child and youth workers, developmental service workers, social workers, occupational therapists and a nurse practitioner. Each program is led by a Program Manager and Team Leader(s).

We use clinical tools to monitor your progress and outcomes.  These include standardized assessments and satisfaction surveys. We are always interested in hearing about how treatment is going from your individual perspective as well.

Clinical Director and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Dr. Nicole Karki
905-389-1361 ext 242

Our Research

Improving the Knowledge Base

Lynwood Charlton Centre believes research is important to the improvement of treatment programming, clinical direction and the knowledge base of the field of child and youth mental health.

The Centre will consider research projects sponsored internally and from external sources (i.e. universities) that:

  • Have the capacity to competently carry out  research activities.
  • Meet ethical standards.
  • Have the potential of contributing further knowledge to the field.

Any research proposals must meet the Centre’s policy on research, including criteria, ethics, consent and safety.

For inquiries related to research, please contact Dr. Nicole Karki, Clinical Lead.

Our History



Lynwood Charlton Centre was originally founded in 1863 as orphanages, operating the Boy’s Home and the Girl’s Home in the downtown core of Hamilton.


By 1955, it had moved its operation to its current main campus site on Upper Paradise Road, and was incorporated as Lynwood Hall Children’s Centre, and chartered as a children’s mental health centre.  At the new site, it operated a 27-bed intensive out of home program for children between the ages of 6 and 13.

1960 - Early 2000's

During the subsequent decades, the Centre – now named Lynwood Child & Family Centre – acquired and operated a variety of programs. It expanded its service capacity to provide intensive out of home and at home programs, including community and school-based services, to a wider range of clients, including adolescents and children with a dual diagnosis.


In 2011, the Centre merged with Charlton Child and Family Centre to further expand its service range and became known as Lynwood Charlton Centre.